International Mission Work

India – Several years ago Steve and Mercy Bolting joined River Bend and not only have they blessed us by their membership and helping us to reach this area for Jesus but they introduced us to Mercy’s father who leads a ministry in India.  Dr. Joseph Samuel is a medical doctor who at the prompting of the Holy Spirit left his practice to continuing the ministry establish by his father. The ministry is called the Perambur Christian Church and God has called them to the following:

Church Planting, Pastor Training, Bible Seminars, Orphan and Widow Care Ministry, Evangelism, Medical Clinics, Bible Schools, Christian Mission Hospital, Christian school, A future orphanage 

Dr. Samuel has visited us several times over the years, and he always brings an exciting word about the ministry.  In June of 2008 we were able to raise enough funds to buy 78 bicycles for new pastors, what a blessing it was to know the gospel was going to spread into new areas.  We continue to support the ministries of Dr. Samuel.

 Africa – In 2005 the Lord led our church to form a relationship with Andrew Mukasa in Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania. At the time Andrew was attempting to raise funds to buy the building his church, Victory Centre, was meeting in. We were blessed to help him reach his goal and assist the church in securing a permanent home. In the four years since then, Andrew has started 3 more churches and two pre-schools. Every week he conducts four radio broadcasts which reach up to 4 million people.

Belize – Bob and Rhonda Farley and their two girls Meredith and Hannah are members of River Bend Baptist Church serving in Southern Belize at missionaries. The Farley have been serving there for eight years and God has used them in mighty ways through the relationships they create.  Some of the things the Lord has led them to do are:

Pastor Training, Primary School, Assist churches from the US on mission trips, Dig water wells, Establish a Radio ministry, Help start new churches, Build a medical clinic, Children’s education and rehabilitation      center, Trail guide for visiting pastors who don’t know where they’re going. 

Bob and Rhonda have a tremendous faith and follow God in a difficult place in the world.  In 2008, after much prayer and seeking the Lord, River Bend partnered with Bob and Rhonda to establish a new church in Barranco Village. This village is inhabited by an unreached people group called the Garifuna. For years Bob and Rhonda have been creating relationships in the village and bringing groups from the US to lead VBS or do special outreaches. The work was growing and the next step was to create a new church, it was exactly what we were seeking.

Pastor Rosalio who was living and ministering in Honduras was called to come start the new work. Although it has only been a short while the ministry is going well. We are excited that this marks the first time an ongoing indigenous evangelical work exists in Barranco.

Local Mission Work

God has opened a huge door for us to work in our local schools. At Huggins Elementary we find ways encourage the administration and teachers. Throughout the year we provide snacks and lunches and send encouraging notes. At times we have provided paper to be used classrooms and have met other physical needs as well. As each school year begins we collect supplies other things to help meet needs

On the Wertheimer sixth grade campus and at Briscoe Junior High we work with students in FISH clubs. These clubs are student lead outreaches that help believing students reach their peers for Jesus. We help with leadership training, visioning, organization and resources. Between the two ministry sites we reach130 students each week. In addition to this we look for other creative ways to minster on the campus. In the fall of 2008 Russ Walje lead the students at Briscoe to raise over $1,500 to buy needed supplies for victims of hurricane Ike.

In addition we assist other local groups such as Helping Hands of Fulshear, Katy Christian Ministry, Fulshear Committee Outreach and area churches.

A unique ministry we have been involved with for many years is the South Texas Children Home (STCH) located near Beeville Texas. Every year we collect food and other items the children’s home needs. This ministry does a wonderful job providing short and long term care for children.

John and Pam Boaz, River Bend members, established “Lord Send Me Ministries, Inc.” in September 2010. This non-profit organization exists to form an alliance of volunteers, personnel, and partners to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ, to support National and International churches, and offer assistance to a hurting humanity. During the cold months we collect blankets, shoes, socks, and coats, (particularly for men), for the homeless in our area.   Financial contributions, one-time or ongoing, can be sent to Lord Send Me Ministries, Inc.; 34552 Park Green; Brookshire, TX  77423.