Bible Trivia with Pastor John – May 14

Click here for PDF of today’s questions. Click here for PDF of Tuesday, 5/12, answers.

Moses, pt. 2 – May 14, 2020

How many plagues did God send upon Egypt?

What is the name of the meal which Israelites participated in the night before they left Egypt?

The Red Sea was divided when Moses lifted up what?

What two food items did God provide while the Israelites where in the wilderness?

How many times did Moses strike the rock at Kadesh to produce water?

If the Israelites kept the convent, what did God say they would become?

How many commandments did God write on the Tablets He gave Moses?

When the Covenant Scroll was read to the people, what was their response?

What structure did God instruct Moses to build in the wilderness?

What filled the tabernacle all the days the Israelites where in the wilderness?