Bible Trivia with Pastor John – May 7

Click here for PDF of today’s questions. Click here for PDF of Tuesday, 5/5, answers.

Sermon on the Mount edition, Pt. 2

Jesus tells the listeners that they cannot serve both God and ______?

Which animal does Jesus mention as an example of how God will take care of us?

Jesus asked His followers to be presentable when they do what activity?

Which part of the body does Jesus say is the “lamp of the body?”

Before you take an object out of your “brother’s eye” what did Jesus say you should first remove from your own eye?

Which animal did Jesus say not to cast your pearls before?

Jesus said, “We are to do for others what we want others to do for us.” What do we call this wise saying?

What size is the gate which leads to life, and what size is the gate which leads to destruction?         

According to Jesus, what does a wise man build his house on?

Complete this Bible verse: “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find, knock and ________.