Change is coming!

With great excitement, the Youth Pastor Search Committee has begun their work.  Information about our need for a full-time Youth Pastor is being sent to over 20 Christian colleges and seminaries.  Ministers looking for a new church to serve will use the networks and job placement services provided by these institutions to help them find the right place.

Please be in prayer for our search committee as they look for the right person, and for the person whom God is preparing right now to join us at River Bend.

The members of our Youth Pastor Search Committee are:

  • Marcelo and Amy Barbosa
  • Laura Baucum
  • Glenn and Erma Beal
  • John and Pam Crumbley

Also, our Building Committee has begun their work.  First, they will review the plans developed by the previous committee to determine if the plans still meet our needs.  After the review, they will continue their work to come up with the objectives which need to be met during the Worship Center expansion project. They have a lot of work in front of them, so please be in prayer for this team.

The members of our Building Committee are:

  • John Barnhart
  • David Kelley
  • Mike Helm
  • Dan Irvin
  • Debbie McCaghren 
  • Lisa Williamson

We are still forming the group that will investigate the feasibility of selling 3 to 5 acres of our property.  This was one of the recommendations from our Vision Team that met last year.  The purpose of a possible land sale will be to first pay off our debt of $1.2 million.  This would free up much needed monies which could be used for ministry and missions.  Any extra funds from a possible land sale could be used to either expand the building project or reduce the amount of money which would need to be raised for the Worship Center expansion.  

I love change; it always stretches you and makes you trust God.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight. ~ Proverbs 3:5-6

Pastor John