Get Moving

“Then the LORD said to us, ‘Get moving’.” Deuteronomy 2:13

The journey to the Promised Land was full of difficulties and moments of trusting God. There were challenges, defeats and victories,  but God provided all that Moses and the people needed.

In many ways, I feel God is saying to River Bend “get moving”. After months of prayer, research, and discussion, the Vision Team brought its report to the church and we unanimously decided to support their recommendations.  First, explore the possibility of  paying off our debt by selling up to five acres of land.  Second, start the planning process of expanding our Worship Center.

Both of these require us to “get moving.”  This fall we will form teams to explore all the possibilities and bring that information back to the church. I look forward to hearing about all they discover. 

I know there will be challenges up ahead, but we must trust God’s voice and “get moving.”  When we do, He will meet our needs.

Pastor John