July 1 – Wednesday Night Bible Study Listening Notes– Malachi, a love that never lets go

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Session four

To understand the third Rhetorical Disputation in Malachi we have to understand the _____________ in the Bible.

In Malachi, God accuses the people of __________ the covenants with Him.

Covenants are the __________ of the Bible’s story.

The Bible is the story of ___________, it is the story of God’s kingdom, and the story is seen clearly through the covenants God made with His people.

The Creation Covenant (Adamic Covenant)

God created the world and He is the sovereign ruler over it. He created Adam and Eve in His image and gave them the world to _________. 

By God’s ________, the story doesn’t end there, for the Lord promised to triumph over the serpent through the offspring of the woman. 

The Covenant with Noah

The consequences of Adam and Eve’s sin becomes evident and grows. In time, sin, evil and corruption ____________ the world.

God promised Noah that He would not ________ the world again even though sin and evil continued in the hearts of humans.

The Covenant with Abraham

God chooses Abraham, and makes a covenant with him. The Lord promised Abraham _________, offspring (Isaac), and a blessing that all _________ would be blessed through him. 

God pledged that He would keep His promise and He would do it through the _____________ of Abraham.

The Covenant with Israel (Mosaic or St. Sinai)

A covenant was made with Israel after they were freed from ________ by God’s grace. They were to become a kingdom of __________, mediating God’s blessing and rule in the world.

The Covenant with David

The child of Abraham who will conquer sin and death, and restore the relationship with God will also be a son of David.

The sins of the kings of Judah (and Israel) were so significant that Israel was _____________ from the land.

The New Covenant (Messianic Covenant)

God now enacts a New Covenant with His people, which __________ the promises made to Adam, Abraham, and David

The New Covenant is fulfilled in _________ Christ who is the Son of Abraham, the Son of God, the Son of Man, Son of David and the Lamb, which was slain.

All those who belong to Jesus are the ________ of God, they are the children of ______________and they grafted into Israel.

God calls Malachi “My messenger” and the message Malachi is delivering to the people is that they have broken the ____________.

Malachi shows the people how they have broken the Covenant in three ways.

1. Interfaith ____________.

2. ____________ pagan gods.

3. ____________.

Rhetorical Disputation – 6 in Malachi





Malachi is the one making the ___________.

Vs 10, is written in a poetic style that leads some scholars to believe that Malachi may have ___________ these questions.

Don’t all of us have _____ father?

Didn’t ______ God create us?

Why then do we act treacherously against _______ another?

Why do we _________ the covenant of our fathers?

The truth is they _____  _____ have one and the same god. The Israelites have quickly turned to other gods.

One reason they are worshipping other gods is because they are being ____________ through marriages to people who worship other gods.

Vs 13, points to another problem the Israelites were having in their worship. They are crying out to God, blaming Him for not blessing them while all the time they are ______ living for Him.

God always respond to sin with ______, but after rebellion grows in the heart of His people, God sends ___________.

Questioning – The people respond.

Malachi says; “God is not going to receive your offerings or worship.”

The people: “_______  ______?”

Response and the Implication by Malachi

The first reason Malachi gives why God does not accept their offerings or their worship is because they are ____________ other gods.

The next reason why God is not accepting their offerings or their worship is because the people have broken the _________ covenant with their wives.

God hates divorce, but God _________ people who have been divorced.

Divorce in not the _______ problem. 

Husbands are treating their wives ___________.

Husbands have ____________ their wives.

Husbands are treating their wives ___________.

Divorce is a problem but divorce is by no means the ______ problem you see here.

The Israelites have broken the covenant with God and are pursuing other gods, and are living by the _________ of other religions.

They are not pursuing righteousness and ___________.

They are not living up the God’s call to become a kingdom of ___________. 

_____ and the desire to please self, is stronger than the desire to please ______.

The sin of Adam and Eve still runs rampant. Mankind is still seeking to become like God so they can make the rules for their _______.