July 8 – Wednesday Night Bible Study Listening Notes– Malachi, a love that never lets go

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Session 5

Big truth for tonight – God __________ us because He _________ us.

Whenever we think of _________, we think of God’s loving care in our lives.

Whenever we think about discipline, we usually think of __________ moments or difficult actions.

God’s grace is always ___________ into God’s discipline.

Not all difficulties in life are God’s ______________.

There _____ times when the difficulties moments we experience _____ Gods judgment or God’s discipline.

The purpose of discipline is to produce __________.

Discipline may be ____________ but it is should produce change.

God always mixes discipline and grace __________.

Rhetorical Disputation





When the Israelites return to _________ they came with high hopes of a better life.

What they discovered was a big _______.

Not much has been restored, _________ of even repaired.

The foreigners, who have moved in, are make a good living off the land God had given the ____________.

These foreigners have better homes, and a better life, the Israelites ________ that.

To the Israelites, it seemed like God’s care and concern has _____ out the window.

Assertion – Malachi 2:17a — Malachi speaking

“You have wearied the Lord with your ___________.”

When people feel they have been falsely accused or mistreated they usually begin to ____________.

Questioning – Malachi 2:17b – Malachi speaking for the people

But you say, “_________ have we wearied Him?

It is easy for us to look at the people in the Bible and see how wrong they are and never look at _____________.

God is amazingly _________ during the times we wear Him out: He is patient, but eventually His judgement and discipline will_________.

Response – Malachi 2:17c – Malachi speaking  

In their hearts, they believe God is mistreating them and they are __________.

They __________ God to do so much more.

Implication – Malachi 3:1-6   God speaking

God is _______ this moment to set the stage for the next great movement of God.

God is speaking to His people, both the ones alive during Malachi’s day and the _________ ones to come.

Both need to know that God will make His voice heard through His ___________ and that God will fulfill the covenant.

God is going to discipline His people in a way that will make them ________ for Him and He is going to __________ them up.

Two pictures of judgment and discipline

The _________ fire.

The _________ soap.  

The imagery God is giving is both beautiful and ___________.

God is going to remove the ___________ in your life and if need be, it will be like a refiner’s fire or like beating the dirt out of a garment.

Righteousness does not come in a _______.

True righteousness never comes ________.

God lists 7 sins He will remove.



Swearing __________

Not _________ wages

____________ of widows, orphans and aliens (foreigners)

Not respecting or revering _______.

What sins does God need to remove in your live today?

The people of Malachi’s day deserved God’s discipline but He was patient with them, He was willing to let His _______ draw them to Himself and as He does, He makes them shine and he cleans them up.

God’s judgment and love are _________ together.

God disciplines us because He ________ us.