Life Action Revival

January 19-22

Click here for Life Action at River Bend video!

I am excited about the time we have set aside as a church to experience God in a fresh and revitalizing way. In Acts chapter 3, Peter promises that times of refreshing come to those who turn from their sins and turn to Jesus. Times of refreshing are available whenever we turn from the things which control our hearts and minds and turn toward Jesus, making Him the priority of our lives.

Revival is a time for God directed introspection and evaluation.  It is a time to ask ourselves; “Is there anything in my life which keeps me from living the life Jesus would want?”

Revival is a time to step out of the pattern of life we have created for ourselves and into the life God is calling us to.

Revival is a time to get things right with God.

Revival is the time to recommit our lives to Him.

Revival is the time to say “yes” to God!

Begin to pray right now for God to move in your life in an incredible way during this time of revival.  Also pray that God will send times of refreshing upon River Bend.  As you pray, also make the commitment to be present every night of the revival.  I know it will be a sacrifice, but it will be well worth it.

Pastor John