Moving Forward

Earlier this year we established a Vision Team to answer two important questions for the future of our church.

1. Should River Bend take steps to eliminate the existing church debt?

2. With Fulshear growing rapidly, should River Bend expand our facilities at this time?

These are very important questions, and both influence the future of our church.

By 2028 over 80,000 people are expected to live in the Fulshear area, and we need to make plans now to get ready for this rapid increase.  I honestly believe God has positioned us right here for this time and challenge.

In the upcoming weeks, the Vision Team will meet with both the Finance Committee and the

Advisory Council to present their thoughts.  Afterward, they will make a presentation to the church. 

I know you will appreciate the information the Vision Team shares, and it is my hope that we are ready to move forward.

God moves forward, and He calls His people to move forward with Him.

Pastor John