September 9 – Adult Bible Study: WWJD Now! – Listening Notes

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What would Jesus do NOW! – A Study of the Gospel of John

September 9, 2020

P_________,  J__________ and J___________

John never uses his own ________ but refers to himself as “the disciple whom Jesus __________.”

Authorship and date.

Early church fathers, _________ and Irenaeus both testify to John’s authorship of the Gospel.

Many believe John wrote the Gospel between the late ____’s to early ____’s AD.

4 main themes in John’s Gospel.

1. Jesus was _______ and existed before the _________ of the world.

In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God. (1:1)         

2. Jesus came to bring __________ to the world.

For God so love the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life. (3:16)

3. Jesus demonstrated the arrival of God’s kingdom through signs.

7 signs

W_____ to wine, (2:1-11)

Healing the ________ son in Cana, (4:46-54)

Healing a sick _____ at Bethesda, (5:1-15)

Feeding more than _______ people, (6:5-13)

Walking on ______r, (6:16-21)

Healing a b_____ m___, (9:1-7)

Raising __________ from the dead, (11:1-44)

4. Jesus called His followers to ___________ His ministry.

“As the Father has sent Me, so I also send you.” John 20:21

5 declarations.

1. The Declaration that _______ is God.

2. John the Baptizer declares that Jesus is the _____ and the Life the Lamb of God.

3. The first disciples declared Jesus is the __________.

4. Jesus declares His _________ and the beginning of His ministry with the

    first miracle in Cana.

5. Jesus declares His authority over the __________.

1. The first declaration is about so much more than Christmas; Jesus is _____.

Matthew and Luke describe for us the coming and the _______ of Jesus Christ.

Matthew and Luke highlight the __________ of Jesus without denying His deity.

John highlights the _______ of Jesus without minimizing His humanity.

John starts his gospel at the _______ beginning of Jesus ministry, the first beginning, ___________.

Throughout his Gospel, John is building the case that Jesus is _______.

For John, Jesus’ divinity is the b_____ t______.

In ___________ and defiance, John declares Jesus is God.

The One who _________ the universe is the one found lying in a ________ is the same One nailed to the _______. 

Jesus, the God-man comes for a _______.

vs 4, “Life was in Him, and the life was the light of men.”

Jesus came to bring life to men and this life would give them ________, because man was living in darkness.

2. John the Baptizer declared that Jesus was the Light, Life and the ______of God.

Jesus is the Light, the Life and the Lamb of God and He is all these so that all might _________ (v. 7)

John tells us that those who believe in His name are ________ not by blood, or flesh or by the will of man but by God. 

What glory of Jesus could others have seen?

“Jesus who is God, described as the Word of God, who existed before creation and by who creation comes into existence becomes man, lives a sinless life, dies sacrificial atoning death as the Lamb of God on a cruel cross to take away the stain of sin and crush the curse of sin.”

3. The disciples declared Jesus as the ______________.

Andrew and Peter are disciples of John the Baptizer but once they hear how John describes Jesus, they _________ Him.

-__________ of God

-the One who I am not worthy of untying His _________.

-I have seen and __________ that He is the Son of God!

This question was not about finding out where they would spend the night, it was a way of letting Jesus know their ___________ to follow Him.

The next day Andrew finds Peter, look how he describes Jesus.

v.41 “We have found the ____________.”

In this passage, Andrew declares Jesus is the Messiah, but later when Jesus challenges the disciples to tell Him who they think He is, ________ declares, “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God!”

4. Jesus declares His power and the ___________ of His ministry with His first miracle in Cana.

The miracle revealed His _________ (His power and His deity) and it causes the disciples to believe in Him.

5. Jesus declared His authority over the ___________.

John’s account and the other Gospel writer’s account of Jesus cleansing the temple are __________.

God __________ things, which keep His people from worshipping Him.

Jesus came to say that there was something in front of them that was more important than the ________.   

What would Jesus do Now!

He continues to declare Himself as __________.

Through the Holy Spirit He continues to _________ men of their sin and offers them the light and life men need.

He moves _____ to declare who He is to the world.

He continues to perform _________.

He challenges us to _________ things, which keep us from truly worshipping Him.

In light of the Scriptures we examined tonight, what do you think Jesus would do now?

In light of the Scriptures we examined tonight, what does Jesus want to do within you?