The Lord Is My Refuge

On my last trip to Peru, Luis Rios and I were caught in a terrible thunderstorm. It was the kind where the rain comes down sideways, and the storm lasts for a while. Luis and I had left the group and had traveled to another village to meet some leaders there. We were in a strange place, unfamiliar to Luis or me, with a storm bearing down on us. We needed to find shelter quickly. After some hasty decision-making, we scrambled underneath a house, which was raised up on stilts. We were able to wait out the storm there. Luis is scared of lightning, and whenever a bolt streaked across the sky, he would jump. I thought it quite humorous that this Texas boy who has witnessed many Blue Northerners and hurricanes felt more comfortable in the jungle in the middle of the storm than my friend Luis, who had spent his entire life there. That moment will be one Luis and I will laugh about for years. 

But here’s the truth, Luis and I needed shelter, we needed a place of refuge and protection from the storm.  

King David wrote, “I will say to the Lord, My refuge and my fortress, my God in whom I trust.” Psalm 91:2  

There are times in our lives when we need the protection and refuge a fortress can offer. However, here’s a truth to hold on to…our refuge is not made of stone or brick or rocks piled high, and our refuge is not located in just one spot. Our Refuge is our Lord, and we must put our trust in Him. 

I do not think anyone’s New Year’s resolution mentioned Covid-19, but now you hear that word multiple times a day. It consumes our life, and if you let it, fear will creep in.   

You do not need to be afraid when God is your shelter and refuge. Not only are His protective arms around you, but also His presence is with you. Fear cannot exist in God’s presence and love,“perfect love casts out fear.” 

So do not be afraid; be aware, alert and take precaution but do not be afraid. Do all things you need to do to stay safe.

​-isolate yourself as needed

​-stay 6 feet away from others

​-wear a mask

​-use sanitizer

-I also like to include praying for yourself and others.

Pastor John