(vizh-ən) to see, discernment, insight, foresight.

Last summer and fall I spent some time at the optometrist’s office. It took several trips to check my sight, measure my eyes, try on some contacts, and eventually get some glasses. All of this was in an attempt to improve my vision.

Seeing clearly is important. When you cannot clearly see what is around you, then you cannot act or react appropriately. When you cannot clearly see what is around you, then you cannot adequately prepare for what may come next.

My eyesight is not the only type of vision I have been working on lately.  I have been seeking God’s vision for River Bend’s future. I have been praying, considering all the changes occurring around us and within our church, and talking to others.

I believe we need to do two things. 1) We need to pay down our building debt, which is $1.2 million, and 2) we need to start the process to expand our Worship Center building.  Both of these actions require a lot of prayer and insight. I have asked the Advisory Council to put together a Vision Task Force to pray, seek God’s vision, collect information, talk with our church members, and then make a recommendation to the church.

Please start praying for this group right now.

Moving forward is always exciting; it requires both vision and faith. Let’s make sure we keep our eyes on Jesus.  I know He will move us in His direction.   

Pastor John