Vision Team

The Vision Team was established earlier this year and tasked to answer these two questions:

     Is now the time for River Bend to pay off its debt, and what would that look like?

     Is now the time for River Bend to expand its facilities, and what would that look like?

As we met, prayed, and discussed, one of the things which surfaced was a statement about our purpose as a church.

“River Bend exists to help people grow their story with God.”

There are a lot of different ways to grow with God, but the underlying truth is we, as a church and as individual members, must be growing with God.

I liked that phrase, so let me ask you.  How are you growing your story with God? How has God impacted your life in the last six months, year, or five years? What sorts of things are you doing to allow God to move within you and to grow you?

Are you worshipping Him?

Do you give credit to God for things in your life?

Are you studying about Him?

Are you reading your Bible and praying?

Are you serving others and even sacrificing for them?

Are you giving?

Are you seeking God in all you do?

River Bend exists to help you and others “grow their story with God.”

Let’s grow together.

Pastor John

Vision Team Members:

Amy Barbosa, Glen Beal, John Crumbley, Chris Dibler,

Dan Irvin, Tricia Irwin, Dale Johnson, Dave Kelley