Calendar and Events


Sunday Morning Schedule

9:00 AM: Sunday Morning Bible Study for preschool, youth, and adults; Children’s Worship for Kindergarten through 3rd grade; Worship Service
10:30 AM: Worship Service
Regular Sunday Evening Schedule

4:00 PM: Children’s Chimes, Trek, Journey
4:55 PM: AWANA
5:00 PM: Core (Youth Cell Groups); Prayer Meeting
6:30 PM: Mpact (Youth Choir and Puppets)
7:15 PM: Youth Praise Band  
Regular Wednesday Schedule

6:30 AM: Glory Morning Prayer
6:00 PM: Praise Band
6:15 PM: Nursery
6:30 PM: Children’s Music, Fusion (Youth Bible Study), Prayer Meeting
7:00 PM: Adult Bible Study, River Bend Choir Rehearsal
7:15 PM: RAs (Boys 1st-5th), GAs (Girls 1st-5th)
8:15 PM: Praise Team Rehearsal
Regular Thursday Schedule

7:00 PM: Men’s Bible Study 1st & 3rd,