Bible Trivia with Pastor John – May 26

Click here for PDF of today’s questions. Click here for PDF of Thursday, 5/21, answers.

Romans pt 1 – May 26, 2020

Romans 1:17 ends with the phrase, “The just shall live by faith”, which echoes the words from what minor prophet from the Old Testament?

How does Paul describe himself in Romans 1:1?

According to Romans 3:10, how many righteous people are there?

Which Old Testament character does Paul mention in Romans 4 as an example of faith?

In Romans 3:22, how does a person become righteous?

Fill in the blank: For all have _________ and _______ short of the glory of God.

Fill in the blank: For the wages of sin is ________, but the free gift of God is _______________in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Which of the 10 commandments does Paul quote in Romans 7:7 as he speaks about the relationship between the law and sin?

What action does Paul mention in Romans 5:1 that brings about righteousness?

In Romans 8:26, how does the Holy Spirit intercede for us?