June 24 – Wednesday Night Bible Study Listening Notes– Malachi, a love that never lets go

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Session 3, Going big or go home

Steve Brown: A Scandalous freedom

The similarity between ______ freedom and the freedom experienced by most Christians is the difference between the taxidermist and the veterinarian.

When we worship God with a _______ heart, we will find real freedom.

Worship involves all of you and ___________ you have.

In Malachi, we read about the priest and the people bringing _______ gifts to God.

They do not ________ Him. For the priest and the people disappointments and disbelief had squeezed most of the _______ out of their lives.

Instead of going _______ with their worship, giving Him honor and respect they went ______ assuming God would not notice or care.

This second Rhetorical Disputation is about __________ and ____________ God.

What we do not give back to God actually makes our lives ___________.

The second Rhetorical Disputation

Assertion from God, Malachi 1:6a-6c

Questioning from Israel, Malachi 1:6d

Response from God Malachi 1:7a

Questioning from Israel, Malachi 1:7b

Response from God, Malachi 1:7e-8a

Implication to Israel, Malachi 1:8b-14

Assertion from God

Exodus 23:19

“Bring the _______ of the first fruits of your land to the house of the Lord your God.”

Proverbs 3:9-10

_______ the Lord with your possessions and with the _______ produce of your entire harvest, then your barns will be completely filled, and your vats will overflow with new wine.

Is it more difficult to give God your affection, your __________ or your money?

The Israelites were not giving God their best because they did not ________ Him and they did not fear Him.

Questioning from Israel

The Hebrew word for name is “sem” it means knowing a person’s ___________ or identity or significance or ____________ or presence or essence.

God is telling them (people and the priest), that they really do not _____who He is.

Response from God

Not only are the Israelites ____________ what they should be giving to God, but also what they are offering and giving is __________ and defiled.

What the Israelites are bringing to God ___________ Him?

Questioning from Israel

God is _____________and sinless; He cannot stand our sin.

Our sin ___________ God.

Thank God for His grace but we must not take it for ________.

The Israelites are struggling with their worship and offering because they do not have a ____________ with God.

In 1 John 1:6 we discover one of the reason we can live righteously before God is because we have _______________/a relationship with Him.

Because we have a relationship with Him, we do not want to _______ Him.

Response from God

Not only were some of the animals sick, but the priest and the people had a sick __________ about approaching God.

In Leviticus 22, God gives instructions to Moses how the _________ and the people are to bring sacrifices and offerings.

The priest must be _______ and pure.

The animal or others things offered should be the _________ and without illness.

God does not want our second best, or leftovers or discarded things, which would __________ our worship.

Implications to Israel

One of the purposes of worship is to ___________ God.

When God’s people do not worship well or when what God’s people offer is defiled, then God is not __________ up.

If God is not lifted up among His own people, how will other ___________ (the nations) see God’s glory and worship Him?

God’s heart is broken.

I wish you would ________ the doors of the temple.

I wish you would no longer kindle a _________ flame on the altar.

I am not _________ with you.

I will not ___________ your offering.

You ________ My name. 

God’s people say worshipping God is a ___________.

Are you kindling a useless flame on God’s altar?