Hello from Pastor John on sabbatical. (I actually wrote this before I left.)

Many of you have asked me what I plan to do while I’m on sabbatical. I hope to rest, catch up on some reading that I want to do, and I plan to attend some conferences either in person or virtually.  But one of the best answers I have for what I will be doing came in the form of a question I was asked by one of our children.  She said, “Pastor John, are you just going to sleep the whole time?”  I’m pretty sure I won’t sleep the whole time, but I hope to get to sleep more.

Once again, let me take a moment and say, thank you River Bend for allowing me this great opportunity to refresh and recharge. I will miss you dearly, but I know our staff and deacons will meet your needs, and I know you will enjoy hearing the guest preachers who will be coming.

Pastor John