Truth Project – Wed. Bible Study Notes 3/31/21

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Session 5, pt. 2 (1)

Psalm 19:1 “The heavens ________ the glory of God and the sky ____________ the work of His hands.”

Great cosmological question: Where did the cosmos come from? The cosmos either had a ____________ or has always ___________.

Darwinian Evolution/Darwinism: A specific area of evolutionary biology involving n___________  s___________ proposed by Charles Darwin.

Directed Panspermia: A theory that suggest that highly-evolved life forms _______ microorganisms or biochemical compounds from o________ s_______ to earth. Francis Crick developed this hypothesis to explain life on earth. 

Intelligent Design: Theory which states nature and complex biological structures were intelligently designed and are not the result of _________.

“What an incredible thing ________ has given to us.”

What systems in our body do we take for granted but are in actuality complex?

What other systems in our world, which we experience every day, do we take for granted but are actually complex?

Life is way more complex then we give it __________.

T or F – Is God is overwhelmed by the complexity of his creation?

Darwin’s criteria for his theory’s acceptance:

If it could be demonstrate that any complex organ existed which could not possibly been formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications, my theory would absolutely break __________.

Dr. Stephen Meyer

___ ___ ___ is information, and the presence of information in living systems suggest an _______________ that pre-exist us and is responsible for all the exquisite Nano-technology information.

How many cells are in the human body?

How many cells are in a single piece hair?

Cells are __________ systems.

Dr. Dean Kenyon

“…we have the details of an immensely complex molecular realm of genetic information processing and it is exactly this new realm of molecular genetics where we see the most compelling _________ of design on the earth.”

Francis Crick – Directed Panspermia: A theory that the first living cell must have been __________ to earth from some other planet outside our solar system.

Dr. Wald

“I think a scientist has no choice but to approach the origin of life through a hypotheses of s___________  g___________.”

Dr. Behe – Irreducible complexity: A complex __________ that could not function if it were any simpler and therefore could not possible have been formed by successive additions to a precursor system with the same functionality.

This is Dr. Wald’s way of saying; it looks as if the origins of life did not evolve gradually but _________ to appear quickly.