Safe Team


Sundays: morning bible study 9:00 aM i Worship Service 10:30 am

What is Safe Team?

Supporting the safety of our congregation, the River Bend Safe Team provides monitoring and alerting coverage during bible study and worship on Sundays.  During these times, the Safe Team members walk around the church grounds, maintaining a visible and diligent presence. If they identify a safety issue, they will talk with the law enforcement officer and, if needed, alert our church’s security monitoring service. When needed, they will also support safety issues that arise on Sundays. In the case of an incident, the Safe Team members will also respond to incidents in pre-defined response roles.

Safe Team Schedule

Thank you for serving. It is through your discipline that we provide the comfort of safety to our church body on Sundays.


If you are unable to serve on these dates, please alert Albino Castro at 281-685-1353. 

Bible Study Shift: 8:50-10:10 am

Worship Service Shift: 10:10-11:50 am