Our Mission & Vision


Sundays: morning bible study 9:00 aM i Worship Service 10:30 am

Mission Statement

A great commitment to the Great Commandment and the Great Commission will build a great church.

Core Values

  • All people are important to God.
  • Studying the Bible is an integral part of our Church.
  • We exist to meet the total needs of families in our communities.
  • Prayer should be woven into all areas of our lives.
  • Mission concern, support and education are a primary focus.

Our Vision

At River Bend we put faith into action. River Bend is…

  • a church for the community.
  • people of all religious backgrounds and cultures worshipping together.
  • an evangelistic church. Christ came for everyone, and then sent His followers to take the good news to the world.
  • a casual and inviting church. Making people feel warm and comfortable is very important to us.
  • a church on the go as we seek to meet the needs of others both near and far.
  • a praying church. We worship in prayer every Sunday and we have seen how prayer changes people and situations.
  • a church that has a vision for the people of this area as they discover and grow in faith. Faith will change you and help you discover meaning and purpose in life.
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